About the eir Elevation Awards

The eir Elevation Awards celebrates the unique recognition,success and ingenuity of the fastest growing businesses across Ireland (including Northern Ireland )and the unique drivers behind them.

With a spotlight on innovation, international scalability, differentiation and strategic investment to the Irish economy, the eir Elevation  Awards celebrates the success of Ireland’s fastest growing companies.Last year’s winners include Voxpro, FoodCloud, and Revive Active Products. See all of The 2015 Winners here

The 2016 winners will be announced at the eir Elevation Fast Company Awards Lunch in The Marker Hotel on November, 4th, 2016.

Who Should Enter?

A business will be eligible for The eir Elevation Awards having met the following criteria:

    1. The applicant company will be able to illustrate revenue growth ford consecutive years prior to application
    2. The applicant company will be registered in Ireland/Northern Ireland and will have been operating for no more than 15 years.
    3. Revenue must be related to core trading income, excluding related party transactions.
    4. The nominees must be able to demonstrate their achievements across the following core areas- idea/concept, innovation, revenue growth, market share, scalability and profitability.
    5. Promoters may nominate their companies in multi categories as appropriate.

“Companies are asked to show signs of revenue growth throughout their period of full operation and no companies are prevented from entering on the basis of not trading for four consecutive years. If a company can show growth over a consecutive period of their trading duration, be it months, quarters, or years, they remain fully eligible to enter the Awards Programme”. 

Why Enter

The eir Elevation Awards will provide winners with a high value prize that will enable them to directly improve and grow their business.

Overall Grand Prix Winner will receive: 

      1. A Media Package to the value of €50k with Business & Finance Media Group to include advertising and editorial on print and digital

Category Winners will receive:

      1. A Business & Finance Media Package to the value of €10k including a full page advertisement to be used in a Business & Finance magazine Edition of your choice
      2. All Category Winners will receive two places to attend The 42nd Annual Business & Finance Awards on December 15th at The Convention Centre Dublin

The eir Elevation Awards gives you the opportunity to network throughout the year across various physical touch points that include our workshops and the ceremony itself.

      1. Creates unparalleled opportunities for your business to engage key communities, position your brand and network all year round through the Business & Finance Network of Events
      2. Gain credibility and prestige by becoming a Category winner that’s supported by a strong judging panel made up of top-ranking executives from highly influential companies and academia
      3. Benefit from a wide range of press coverage
      4. We work with many partners to generate a year round programme of content that will grow your profile, brand presence and amplify your key messages both in print and online.
      5. Align with excellence

How Do I Enter?

Entries Closed

Entry Criteria

Company Vision

A clear illustration of the company’s development including profile of business leaders, long term vision and core values which guide the day to day operation of the business

Growth and Market Share

Companies should detail their growth over their period of operation and include details on growth in market share, turnover, employees, range of services provided, etc. Future projections with regard to these items should also be included if available.

Idea and Concept

Companies should include details on concept development and how it places the applicant company as a unique competitor within their chosen market.

Business Strategy

Details on current and future strategies used to drive growth in turnover and operational capacities.


Include details on how the business may have utilised innovation to drive growth. This may include details of patents or IP.

International Presence and Scalability

The company should include details on the number of geographies it currently operates in in addition to any concrete plans for future scale internationally

Turnover & Revenue Growth

The applicant company should include available P&L Statements and any supporting information which illustrates revenue growth over the operating period of the company. This information will be used only for judging purposes and will not be made publicly available.