New Judge Dr. Blath McGeough tells us what attracted her to the Awards

When we began our quest for a new member for our eir Elevation judging panel, our partners at eir Business suggested one woman with the skills to serve. Dr. Blath McGeough has the perfect combination of experience and industry insight and so we immediately knew she would be the perfect addition for the 2016 eir Elevation Awards programme. With a view to raising the profile of this year’s Awards, we were adamant that our judges’ abilities had to match those of our entrants. Among an array of impressive positions on her CV, Blath currently holds a lecturing post in Tallaght’s Institute of Technology. Her understanding of the world of education, strategy and management will prove invaluable as she plays a part in an awards programme which aims to be at the forefront of training and support for all fast-growing companies.

When she was approached by eir to join the Elevation team, Blath knew this would be an opportunity to use her industry and academia expertise to assess companies and their potential, and to examine different perspectives on doing business in a global arena. Her contribution could only result in better comprehension of the current business landscape in Ireland and the realities of those looking to expand to other shores. In line with Blath’s teaching background, she recognises the benefit awards like these bring to all companies – not just those competing. By rewarding accomplishments and efforts in expanding companies, other players are given a chance to be aware of their stories and their successes, and thus embark on their own road to growth and greatness. As well as helping other firms envision what they can achieve, the Elevation programme improves companies’ confidence in themselves and nurtures a healthy sense of competition among those competing. “Participating and other firms will gain confidence from the approaches and strategies implemented… [they] will learn from each other and help build on their networking potential.”

If you’re in need of inspiration as to why you and your company should enter the eir Elevation Awards, look no further than Blath’s index of advantages awaiting everyone who gets involved. When asked what companies can expect from entering these kinds of programmes, she replies;

  • A means of showcasing their success.
  • A learning tool in terms of observing other companies.
  • An increase in company recognition based on success.
  • The promotion of the company as a great place to work – defining a company with vision, focus and an ability to succeed.
  • The promotion of a company as a place to do business.
  • Enhancing team spirit and loyalty within their firm – showing what can be achieved.

(As well as a Business & Finance media package to the value of $10k and two tickets to attend the 42nd Annual Business & Finance Awards in December for every category winner!)

And for those of you already motivated to get in touch, Blath cites realism, teamwork and focus as the tools to use to amaze the judges. She advises entrants to be realistic with their projects – it doesn’t have to be “ultra-amazing”, just an honest depiction of your successes (and your failings); proof of your growth, innovation and investment. Let us know what you achieved and how you achieved it – tell us your goals and how you’re going to get there. And perhaps most importantly, put the human element into your entries, “show the team spirit that drives change and success.”

We are really excited to work with Blath over the coming months. She certainly can teach us a thing or two! Our main goal at eir Elevation is to showcase and support growing companies; we want to find the people that are innovating, receiving investment and gaining an international presence. We want to hear their stories and reward their successes! And we believe that Blath is the perfect candidate to source just that.