Social Entrepreneurship Winners 2015 – Food Cloud

 “You can’t do everything – always think about what the priorities are and focus your energy on them!”

FoodCloud’s energy is most certainly focused on the right cause as this social enterprise works to tackle the ever-increasing problem of food surplus and food waste within businesses. They have successfully built a platform through which companies can donate any extra food to charities that will then use it to feed those in need. They are combating the crisis of food waste that is unnecessarily draining the environment of vital resources while also helping families, communities and charities that deal with a daily struggle in terms of getting the food resources they need to survive. The team at FoodCloud undoubtedly has their priorities in order!

With a defined purpose and admirable goal, FoodCloud’s development since its inception in 2012 had been remarkable. It is an organisation that looks to bring about positive social change that benefits communities and companies alike. Through a display of innovation, dramatic growth and international expansion, they have epitomised all that we look for in eir Elevation entrants! They are not just doing business for good – they are doing it extremely well. As winners of the 2015 eir Elevation Award for Social Entrepreneurship, we are proud to have had them part of the programme and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Since winning the award last year, FoodCloud has continued to demonstrate their selflessness in terms of the work they have been doing but also their strategic skills as they roll out an expansion plan across the U.K. Late last year, they had been piloting their service in 15 U.K stores. Now, they have rolled out to 300. At the time of their application last summer, they had moved the equivalent of 1.4 million meals. Now, they have more than doubled their impact with the redistribution of the equivalent of 3.2 million meals. New staff members have been introduced and a new office opened in Tallaght. Things have most definitely been on the rise since the Elevation award!

The ambition driving FoodCloud’s operations and expansion is showing no signs of slowing down. We are confident that they will continue to deliver this crucial service in the years to come, and we are delighted to have formed a relationship with the team. Indeed, it is our pleasure that we were able to contribute to such a worthy cause! Participating in the eir Elevation programme provided media coverage and networking opportunities for the team and Niamh Kirwan gave a brilliant presentation at our Elevation Bootcamp in April. “We mention our award in communications which helps us to build our reputation” – a critical element for any company looking to transition from being in the start-up phase to being an established organisation, Niamh explains.

When you read their portfolio you may say that FoodCloud were the guaranteed winners, but the small organisation hadn’t expected to do so well at all. Their ambition is clearly equalled by their modesty. “We were absolutely delighted as there were extremely worthwhile organisations that also entered.” Receiving recognition from a well-known and respected company such as eir as well as competing with their well-achieved peers made the win all the more special and all the more deserved. Our aim in the eir Elevation programme is to give these growing companies the validation they deserve and the encouragement which is so often needed to let them know they are on the right path! We want our country’s up-and-coming companies to grow and prosper, and so we want to provide a network of support for all participants. Sometimes a positive evaluation from an external organisation can give you the boost you need to know you’re on the right path.

The whole team at FoodCloud have been doing outstanding work. Their operations both at home and abroad are bringing business solutions to social problems. While they are busy making a difference to the world, it is reassuring to see that they have time to take a step back and realise their amazing accomplishments and all they have done so far. “When things are moving fast you can sometimes get caught up in the day-to-day. It is nice to stop and take stock of the success.”

If you want to learn about FoodCloud’s story and the work they have been doing, visit their website:

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